Invitation to take your SABBATICAL in Middle Norway

Sometimes it is time for a change in life for a shorter or longer period. If you think about giving you a try in country living we might be the right place for you.

Hegglian is situated in the outer village of Stadsbygd on Fosen peninsula, Trøndelag. We have sea and mountains, beautiful valleys, deep forests, wildlife and living villages.

The main focus on our small farm is wild food. From early spring – which starts here in late April – till late autumn we use what nature offers to create our products.

We keep bees, a few chicken and sheep.

All kind of recycling is important to us. The results are far from being art but they give the place a little bohemian touch and mostly a big smile.

You are invited to take part in our daily life if you wish.

Or you use your time to start or finish the novel you always wanted to write. Paint pictures – better motives than nature provides are hard to find.

Use the workshops, our arts and crafts people in the village and the community offer.

Join the meditation and Thai Chi sessions at the neighbours.

Depending on the seasons you are here, give fishing or hunting with onother neighbour a try.

Many festivals throughout the year – in the area or nearby City of Trondheim – give you an impression of Norwegian life.

Experience midnight sun and northern light.

If you are interested in more information do not hesitate to contact us on

We look forward to hear from you.